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We’ve all tried to take pictures of a delicious meal, only to find that our impromptu image looks far less appetizing than the dish in front of us. Food, in all of its many forms, colors, and delectable textures, can be one of the most challenging subjects to photograph properly. Practicing your food photography now can help you better capture the full experience of your travels next time you hit the road!

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Your assignment this week is to create images of food that convey just how delicious your subject is! To do so, consider the following tips and themes:

  • Lighting is Key.  Look for soft, white, diffused light and consider adding a second light from the opposite side to remove unwanted shadows.  

  • Create Layers. Build your image with visual layers starting with the surface your dish sits on. Supporting elements like silverware or a pretty table setting can help add interest to the image. 

  • Think About Color. Even if the scene is well lit and composed, scrambled eggs won’t look appetizing on an olive green plate! When in doubt, lean towards white plates or natural surfaces to display your food. Consider color in the food itself, and also in your supporting elements.

  • Perspective Matters. A cross-section of lemon looks lovely looking straight down, while tacos may look best from 25° above the table. Experiment with your aperture to create depth and highlight desired features.

  • Food Styling Secrets. Stylists often supplement items like milk for white hair paste or white glue. They even add things like steam chips wrapped in tin foil under pasta to create more photogenic steam. You can find lots of tips with a little research. 

Once you’ve shot your food images (and enjoyed your meal!), share your efforts in our Facebook group Muench University.  Our team of pro photographers will be waiting to give you some feedback and more tips.

Happy SHooting,


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