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We all know that light is critical to photography, but what about shadows? The interplay of light and shadow is what creates drama in our images, and shadows can also add texture and depth to our two-dimensional images. Shadows are an important element in any image, and we want to get you thinking about them. 

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Your assignment is to create images that feature the use of shadow. Think about the following concepts, then look for ways to practice them in and around your home this week. Here are some tips:

  • Create Drama. Use shadow to emphasize mood in your image.

  • Accentuate Form. Use shadow to reveal contours in your subject that may otherwise appear flat. 

  • Accentuate Texture. Use shadow to reveal textures and minute details.

  • Add Another Dimension. Use the shapes of the shadow to tell another part of the story.


Once you’ve shot your shadow images, share your efforts in our Facebook group Muench University. Our team of pro photographers will be eagerly waiting to give you some feedback!

Happy Shooting!

~Kevin Pepper

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