The web makes it possible to be somewhere with out having to be there, I know that sounds a little abstract but bear with me a moment. Now I can start at somebody’s front door behind my computer screen and walk all the way through their business. Not only with images but hi-def pro images that make you feel like your in the middle of their business, literally.

My wife Lisa introduced me to this a few years ago, as it is her passion, her business, her love. I saw and was convinced that this is the wave of the future for viewing any business. We recently added a google tour to our Texas Vision Photography Studio Google business homepage. Click the link below to see the virtual tour we created.

Texas Vision Photography Studio

First time I saw this I just said “wow”!

This adds so much google juice to our homepage I can’t imagine why we waited so long to do this. When Google “crawls” you website to determine where to place it in the search pages, the more “enriched media” that you have the better your site will rank. Enriched media is video or as in this case, a virtual tour.  The virtual tour can also be added to your business website.

Screen Shot 2019 08 30 at 8.29.53 AM

Google juice is what it’s all about for marketing. Add  a Google tour to your business. Drive more people to you. Why don’t you have one for your business? Visit to see more examples and order a tour.

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