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I am happy to announce the final piece for our five day rodeo photography workshop in North Texas. Meet, Jason Terrell, and dogs Drago and Jake. They will be working cattle on Sunday, the last day of class on April 5th.

hangin tree cowdogs jason Terrel2379I can’t express the amazement I witnessed watching these dogs and their master herd cattle. I’ve shot a lot of dogshangin tree cowdogs jason Terrel2473 in my career but this one was a pleasant surprise of skill and oneness between dog and man. I got a chance to visit with Jason in-between rounds and it was like talking to the Yoda of dog training. A very humble guy, with much  attention to words and actions. He shared his philosophy about his training process, while Drago sat at attention 50 yards away for twenty minutes. It was hard to determine which had more passion and love for what they do.

I watched these dogs work tirelessly under the command of their owner for three hours, never making a bobble, with the precision of a robot. At one point, I sat down in the middle of the pasture and asked Jason if he could bring the cattle to me. His reply was “How close do you want them, ’cause I can put them in your lap .”  To my amazement, he brought them within two feet of my camera.

When I left that day I knew I had found the last piece. A final capper, if you will, of what is going to be an amazing workshop. Can’t wait for April 1st!!!

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