Well the PBR came to Decatur again this weekend for the8th annual JW Hart challenge. I have to say it was probably one of the best run to date, with perfect weather, bull riding just doesn’t get much better than this! Tried little different strategy this year by moving around with the 400 instead of being locked up in the shark cage — was able to float around this way and get a variety of angles.


There is a new hero in the bull riding world who recently made his home in Wise County, and he goes by Ben Jones.

I have shot many different bull riders but this guy takes the cake. it’s kind of like watching a ant on a elephant. His riding style is about as unique as his demeanor, which in my book is pretty awesome. It’s almost like this guy is just having fun and letting the world happen around him. Whatever it is, it seems to have work for him, as he is currently ranked ninth in the world, and he wound up winning the long go this year and stood a pretty good chance to win the whole thing but was unable to come back and compete due to a concussion.

I first met Ben when he graciously accepted my request to photograph him for a portrait series I was doing. Ben showed up on a Monday and looked like somebody just beat the hell out of him. He had had a really rough weekend and had gotten stomped and kicked couple of times. “Not a good run this weekend mate.” I asked him if he was okay and still wanted to do the shoot and he just said, “It’s all part of the game mate!”


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