As with anything the redundancy of doing something over and over can become less than exhilarating. Photography is no different, sometimes changing it up a bit and trying a new form of photography is just the ticket.

Night sky stars Sedona arizona10286

My wife and I had wanted to try shooting the stars and our recent trip to Arizona provided the perfect opportunity. We stayed overnight in Sedona just to shoot the vivid night sky. We had searched for the perfect spot all day and was really happy with this one. It was kinda like a photog party between the two of us, we brought wine and a cheese tray to enhance the experience as we waited for total darkness and enjoyed the sunset.

After working through several exposures I felt I had it nailed down. The shot above though had a little luck to go with it, I forgot to turn my red light off before I clicked the shutter and a single car in the distance lite the mountain. I discounted the shot as a failure until I saw it on the computer and loved the contrast of colors it produced.

We plan on bringing our knowledge home and trying at the LBJ grasslands next new moon, I think I have the perfect spot picked out.

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