A smile a minute, that’s exactly what takes place at the LBRA ( Little Britches rodeo ) held at the NRS event center in Decatur, Texas. Started shooting this last month while I was projecting a photo workshop at the same place. I have always had a love for shooting rodeo but you add kids.. it just don’t get any better! It’s a tough arena to shoot in because of the low green-yellow lighting, coupled with fast moving subjects makes it very challenging, but when you get the shot… it makes a long weekend well worth the effort.

The draw for me… with kids and animals, anything is possible. either one is awesome but you put the two together and you’ve got a rodeo!

The lifestyle of the cowboy is at play as well, from the competitors to the parents that make it all happen. From saddelning to warming up the horse, preparation and getting ready is a whole other shoot.  The folks at NRS event center run this thing like a well oiled machine, keeping downtime to a minimum.

…So not much revenue from the rodeo yet but we’ve met some really awesome people, both young and old. Also @jthill, one of the most awesome, athletic young individuals I have come across yet sent me a instagram the other day thanking me for the awesome pics. what 15 year old takes time to do that? That was the most awesome payoff yet!

JT Hill won three all-arounds at January Little Britches rodeo


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