As a photographer and teacher we are always looking for different ways of communicating a feeling better with creative images and perspective.

Although this years NFR is behind us and everybody is trying to make the next one, I am still living the moments and trying to find new ways to get the attention that these athletes deserve.

I shot all the NFR but my main job was the official PRCA photographer of the Inaugural NFBR. The three day event yielded some 13,000 images of the cowgirls over a course of ten rounds of break-away roping.

My partner, Wife and fellow photographer, Lisa was there making sure I had everything I needed from behind the scenes. She had a great idea, since she is a virtual tour photographer by trade, she suggested that after I got the celebration shot she would shoot the arena as a tour to show the grandeur of the moment and showcase the amazing set up at Globe Life Field. She had about five minutes to get the shot and exit the ring. Since she uses a specialized process of taking 25 photos to create one shot, there could be no movement in the shots to eliminate ghosting effect. It was seamless, as I was gathering my equipment and exiting the ring, Lisa was finishing her task.

End result, we created a Virtual tour using the action and moment shots that I had gathered, added the tour and custom music to give a brief feeling of the largeness of this moment, check it out, I hope you enjoy!

Congrats Jackie Crawford, we were honored to have been there.

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