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NFR…the Super Bowl of rodeo. Are you kidding? Right here in our back yard. I shot this in 2009 and 2010 and the Las Vegas venue is one of the most amazing spectacles to ever witness. Having said that, welcome home to Texas! Truly looking forward to shooting in the new park, with the abundance of life and the freshness of venue. As a PRCA photographer #337828, I am hoping to shoot under my new card, acquired last year. After shooting many rodeos in my 18 yrs with a newspaper outlet, I feel this is a new beginning. Capturing the moments and lives of cowboys in the amazing event tests all your wits and skills as a photographer. Sharing the excitement with your viewers is what is all about. Whether we are there as “official PRCA photographer” or shooting for our blog, we at Texas Vision Photography hope to be there to capture the moments for you. One of the coolest unexpected things over the past year is the friends that we have made along the way. Such as Chad Rutherford, Leighton Berry, Will Lummus, Will Lowe, Gayle Jones and so many others along the way. Rodeo is a sport like no other. Most of the events only last 8 seconds, behind the lens, time stands still…until you have to climb the fence to get out of the path of oncoming broncs or bulls.

Getting past the struggle of gaining access to the rodeo and carrying pounds of equipment, the real fun comes after the event. Seeing the result of the snap of the shutter makes it all worth while. Hours into the night… editing… uploading to PRCA… the fun is in finding the shots that you paid your dues to get. These are some of my favorites from the 2019-2020 season.

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