Great class this weekend, We held our first three day intense, week-end photo class at NRS Event Center in Decatur,Texas.  I have taught a Photo 101 class for the last 9 years.  The class has been once a week for four weeks and a field trip. The difference this time was the action was continuous and the light low, what better way to learn the settings on your camera?  We started on Friday at 1pm and ended on Sunday at 12:00 noon.

We had five students from all-over Texas that had a huge desire to learn, and learn they did. Dealing with the low-light, they were thrown into the deep end of the pool. By the end of the class these guys were killing it. They understood the never-ending dance of the ISO, Aperture and shutter speed.

Some of the students images

It was kinda like a baptism by fire, It is amazing what the mind is capable of when it is focused!



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