March 23rd photowalk was a great success at the Fort Worth Stockyards, even with the 60% chance of rain. Since we had plenty of cover in case it rained we decided to have it either way. My thought, ” take what the Universe gives you and use it.” We didn’t have clear Skys but the overcast was like a giant soft box, no shadows, a portrait photogs dream. We concentrated on people and portraits using the characteristic background of the old.

Portrait photographers have two schools of thought, use the natural light, look for it, wait on it, and let nature do its thing. Second is look for the background you want and then add the light you need from portable power as I demonstrated in the very beginning.

Of course there are the nuggets you find along the way.


Join us on our next Photo walk shooting the Lanterns in the Garden at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens.

Times and date TBA

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